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Plantar Fasciitis Inserts

Orthotics, Insoles or Inserts To Stop The Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis is a foot disorder characterized by heel pain.Plantar fasciitis inserts The heel pain especially hurts when getting out of bed in the morning, or after sitting for some time. It is caused by hurting the fascia connective ligament on the bottom of the foot. This tissue, called the plantar fascia, connects the heel bone to the toes. The plantar fascia is an inflexible, solid, fibrous band on the bottom of the foot. The plantar fascia helps to keep the longitudinal arch system of the foot, it assists to absorb shock, plays a role in one's balance and in the various phases of gait.

Plantar fasciitis is a foot disease caused by excessive use of the foot. The specific overuse factor which leads to the disorder is individual. A few of the possible causes of the heel pain are: flat feet or high arches, gait and balance problem, vulnerable foot muscles, spending long periods of time on the feet etc’. The Plantar fasciitis disorder and heel pain is common to everyone but the reason for the problem (the reason for the pain) is individual, and that’s why the long term effective treatment will always be individual.

Shoe inserts are removable insole devices made especially to solve a problem. There are many reasons that shoe inserts are made like:

  1. Cushioning and comfort.
  2. Arch support.
  3. Shock absorption.
  4. Efficient weight distribution.
  5. Foot or ankle alignment.
  6. Gait or posture support and correction.
  7. Correction of musculoskeletal deformities.
  8. Improvement of athletic performance.

Plantar fasciitis inserts are made to cure and prevent the disorder. There are a few kinds and names for different inserts like orthotics, insoles, arch support, heel cups, heel cushions etc’. All of these inserts are made to correct and support one or another biomechanical aspect of the foot. Every different kind of insert may support the treatment of a different cause for a disorder. If you have high arches so you will get the benefit of arch support inserts. If you stand on your feet most of the day you may find cushioning inserts very helpful and so on.

Almost everyone can use inserts, from children through professional athletes to elders. People who use their feet more for their day job like teachers, athletes, nurses, etc. can benefit from wearing inserts.

There are a few kinds of plantar fasciitis inserts. Heel cupsHeel cups or heel seats are inserts made for the hill area, designed for cushioning, support and heel stabilization. Heel cups help to absorb the shock of the heel strike while walking and provide support to the heel posture. The heel cup bottom is made out of softer materials for cushioning and may have also a hole in the middle. The hole is made to lower the pressure on the middle front of the hill, the place where the plantar fascia connects to the hill bone. In some products this hole is filled with gel to provide extra cushioning. Some other kinds of heel cup products are shaped in a different way giving more or less support to different parts of the foot hence correcting body posture.

Orthotic insoles are made by a professional orthotist. Plantar fasciitis orthotic insolesOrthotic insoles are a functional device, designed to correct our foot biomechanical deformities and optimize our foot function. There are prefabricated over-the-counter orthotic insoles that can be bought anytime and there are custom-made orthotic insoles usually prescribed by a physician. Special plantar fasciitis orthotic insoles are usually custom-made, designed especially to correct the foot problem that cause the pain.

Custom-made orthotics are made from molds of the feet with computer imaging and mapping techniques. Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics MoldThe orthotics are usually made with wide range of materials, which are guaranteed to last for years. Orthotic insoles optimize the contact area between the floor and the foot. Bigger contact area allows more evenly weight distribution over the foot and a better distribution of the shock over a greater area. They are designed to support the foot arches thereby control over-pronation and allocate the foot bones to their natural position.

Custom-made orthotics are definitely more expensive than over-the-counter devices, they stay effective much more time and give more support and absorption. But there are situations when an over-the-counter device is reported to be just as efficient, mostly when stretching and exercise program is combined.

The type of inserts suggested by your doctor will be based on your symptoms, the diagnosed cause for those symptoms, and the structure of your feet. Sometimes, the doctor may prescribe an insole or heel cup and sometimes, modifications to the shoes will be necessary.

You can find a variety of over-the-counter plantar fasciitis inserts in our plantar fasciitis shop.

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