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All You Need To Know About Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

What is plantar fasciitis?

It is that pain in the bottom of your foot usually in the heel. That pain hurts especially with the first few steps in the morning as you get out of bed.

This strange name comes from: "Plantar" means something that belongs to the foot, "fascia" means a band or ligament or a connective tissue, and "itis" means inflammation. You can see in the picture the plantar fascia band as it runs along the foot. This band connects your heel bone to the toes. The pain is caused by wounding the tough...


What are the symptoms?

Plantar fasciitis has a few unique symptoms that may occur suddenly or gradually. The classic symptom is heel pain with the first few steps in the morning. The morning pain might fade away a few minutes after the feet warm up.


What are the causes?

The following may be the causes for your heel pain:

  1. Tight calf muscles or tight Achilles tendon which produces repetitive over-stretching of the plantar fascia.
  2. Gait and balance Problem may be a dominant cause for your heel pain. Most people have something in their way of walking like an extreme foot turn-out, locked knees, a weak abdomen etc. That elicits imbalance in their body...


How is it diagnosed?

The diagnosis procedure starts as the doctor checks the patient’s feet and watches the way he stand and walk. He will also ask the patient about...


What about the treatment?

There are many different methods of treatment but there is no one treatment that works for everyone. Different treatment techniques help different people. Patients need to be active in their treatment. Experimenting with several different treatments is often necessary

Here are the most common treatment methods:



This disorder is not very easy to cure but it may be prevented in a few simple steps. Prevention is necessary for everyone who is at risk of developing the disorder and to everyone who has recovered from this painful condition.

Here are a few guidelines and tips for heel pain prevention. Implementation of some of the following tips will do great to your heel pain elimination:


Plantar fasciitis shoes?

Long term effective treatment will always be individual, and actually shoes will always be specific to the individual.

How to choose your individual type of shoes? Is there anything like plantar fasciitis shoes...? – Yes there is! Such a good shoe will reduce the amount of stress that is placed on your feet. Although you must look for your individual shoes there are some guidelines for a good shoe for someone with heel pain: 


Orthotics and inserts

Inserts are a very common treatment device. There are many types of inserts made especially to solve a problem that causes the disorder. Insoles, arch support, heel cups, heel cushions and more are all different inserts that support foot health.

There are prefabricated over-the-counter orthotic insoles and there are custom made orthotic insoles usually prescribed by a physician. Custom-made orthotics are made from molds....


Night Splints

Night splints are used to keep the foot in a stretched position, prevent contraction and maintain the range of motion in the ankle while sleeping.

There are a few kinds of foot night splints...


Plantar fasciitis exercises

A very common and effective treatment is exercise. Exercise is reported as a very effective treatment method, you can do it when you feel like it, everywhere and it does not cost anything. Applying some of the next exercises in your daily routine (2-3 times a day) will make your healing faster and will keep your feet stronger. Special exercises consist of two different types...


Plantar fasciitis taping

Taping is a simple and effective treatment method. Tape is applied on the skin on the bottom of the foot. The tape reduces the stress as it limits the range of motion of the foot. The taped foot can’t stretch too much so further injury is prevented...



It is one of the most common running injuries. Here we will talk about symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention of the disorder while running. We will discuss the question can I run with plantar fasciitis? and...



Sometimes the heel pain is hard and no conventional treatment will help. This is the time to consider surgery. When to consider surgery? What are the risks? How long is the recovery time? Success rates and ...


Plantar fasciitis Forum


Elrofeet forum is the place to discuss all of your plantar fasciitis and heel pain issues. Feel free to share everything. Tell us how you feel, ask a question or give advice and get feedback.

Plantar fasciitis shop?

Yes - Here is our plantar fasciitis shop designed especially with plantar fasciitis products. Our shop is full of many things that can help you treat your foot pain disorder and get rid of your foot pain more quickly.


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