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    • CommentAuthorPJ
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2011
    I have had plantar fasciitis for just over three months now. I have been doing the stretches, I have had physiotherapy, I have taped my foot, I have used over the counter insoles, I wear trainers all the time, I rest as much as I can, I take anti inflammatories and I have just seen a podiatrist which was a complete waste of time as he didn't give me any other information that I didn't already know! He gave me some insoles which he had to cut to size and they don't really help much either!

    What makes it worse is that I do audio typing as part of my job so I am constantly using a foot pedal with my affected foot. I started to use the other foot to use the foot pedal, but now I am slowly developing symptoms in both feet now.

    I am getting really fed up now as the pain doesn't seem to be any better. Have I missed anything that could possible make this horrible condition go away?!

    Thank you!
    • CommentAuthorAnnie
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2011
    Hi PJ
    You can try night splints.
    I have no experience with it but I have heard it can be great.
    • CommentAuthorPJ
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2011
    Hi Annie

    I have tried night splints too! :-(
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2011 edited
    PJ didn't you just find the main cause for your plantar fasciitis?
    I am talking about these pedals.
    Maybe this is the main cause to your PF? (Usually there is more than one).
    If you think that there is a chance that the answer to that question is yes you should try to eliminate the cause as much as you can. This is the best treatment for anyone and for any cause. I mean that you can quit your job (if you can) or change your work conditions (that's what I did), change the way you sit while you work, wear a special shoe for the pedal, put something on the pedal to change its length or whatever other creative idea that works the best for your foot. If it is not the pedal and you have another idea then you can treat it too. I will say that again - This is the best treatment for anyone and for any cause.
    The test for a successful treatment is if it feels good for your foot!!! not what the doc says or anyone else (including Your humble servant here).
    ...Get well soon