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    • CommentAuthorRuth
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2011
    I have always felt that yoga was an excellent part of PF therapy. Of course you have to get to where you can stand barefoot on a yoga mat (I always wrap my foot also). This is the 1st website I have found that lists yoga elements as therapy, such as standing on one leg while your foot muscles work to balance you. My instructor always says "work your yoga toes!" I am on my 2nd bout with PF. This one has lasted for 9 months. I was icing and calf stretching. But then I thought I was babying my foot TOO much. I started doing pilates, then addding yoga moves as the pain allowed. I started stretching my hamstring also, icing like crazy and taping every day. My hubby started massaging my foot every other day and it hurts during but after it is less painful. It is such a delicate balance between rest and therapy. Too much of either and it will set you back. My heel pain is 95% gone and what is left is arch pain, but that is progress! There is hope out there!!
    • CommentAuthorAnnie
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2011
    Hi Ruth
    Never thought about all these stretches and exercises as Yoga - It is an interesting point of view. Although I can say that I almost have no heel pain I am still stretching and doing my foot exercise routine and I feel it is very helpful.
    I really like the way you think of it as Yoga and I think I should refresh my exercises variety with some Yoga.
    I work all day long on my feet and if I am not doing my exercises for a few days I start feeling my fascia flare up.
    • CommentAuthorkai
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2011
    I do agree with you Ruth. I started to practice yoga once a week and my heel pain got much better.
    I'm agree with this.
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2013
    We do strongly recommend to avoid repeated flareups of plantar fasciitis and heel pain by strengthening the foot. We have great personal experience with it. Yoga is great and there are other foot strengthening exercises to use.
    But start foot exercises only after the foot pain and inflammation is reduced.