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    • CommentAuthorlynnd
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2011
    I had PF which turned into heel spur for eight years. I tried shots, stretching, ice, inserts, etc. and finally gave up and decided to make the best I could with it which was having to wear certain shoes and if I was going to be doing extended walking most definitely tennis shoes and then my feet would hurt during and after. Anyway I read about a homeopathic calcarea phosphorica 6c that heals bones and I believe I read about it on another forum and low and behold Praise God it worked. No more pain and now I'm wearing cute shoes all day long, walking the mall. Its like I don't even remember I had the problem. Now every once in a while I will feel a little tightness but nothing major and I will pop a few of these pellets and its gone again. I just took the med for a couple of days.