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    • CommentAuthorKal
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2010 edited
    Hi everyone
    I have heel pain for a long time and I was diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis three months ago.
    I do a lot of stretching and I take Advil when the pain gets really annoying. The pain is much better now than it was a few months ago but I want more.
    I need some tips and ideas from some of you who did get over this frustrating disorder - WHAT WORKED FOR YOU? HOW DID YOU GET RID OF PLANTAR FASCIITIS?
    • CommentAuthorwilly
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2010
    The shoe insert did the job for me although pain is not completly gone yet.
    • CommentAuthordavid
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2010
    Custom made orthotics - I don't know what would I do without it.
    • CommentAuthorJessica
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    Hi Kal
    I am doing a combination of stretching icing and massage. I have found that deep tissue massage gives me a great comfort especially after a long day at work.
    You can look in YouTube for tutorials of deep tissue massage.
    • CommentAuthorDanie
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2010
    Go and get yourself some orthotics and your feet will always thank you. I had a bunion on my left foot because while walking my feet turn inward. When I use the orthotics my feet are kept in the correct position so no more pain. I also love my birkenstocks the only shoes I can wear without my orthotics. I feel very good wearing them.
    • CommentAuthormanama
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2010
    I have found the new rocking shoes Avia itones to work great for me. You have to get used to it at the beginning but as you are they really do good.
    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2010
    Taping is our tip. From our personal experience taping gives immediate pain relief, enables getting back to normal life and helps long term healing.
    There are a few taping techniques for plantar fasciitis - PLEASE CONSULT A PHYSICIAN before starting any new treatment measures.
    • CommentAuthoradi k.
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2010
    Stretch your feet on a regular basis. This would heat up the ligaments and give it the resistance to manage sudden heel stress.
    • CommentAuthorsam1
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2010
    Hi Kal
    Cold therapy - applying ice on the bottom of my foot - always does good for me
    I prefer to freeze a bottle of water and roll it under my foot.
    • CommentAuthordavid
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2010 edited
    Another thing that works for me lately is to take a golf or tennis ball and put my foot on it, then I move my foot around. Actually it is a massage for the area but it is far more effective than when I am doing it with my hands. It worked wonders for me.
    • CommentAuthorAnnie
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2010
    I had PF and it was at the point that it got really painful. I used an iced plastic water bottle to roll my foot on. That felt great. After getting a good shoes and working out on a regular basis the pain slowly went away and is now gone. Rowing machine was a great workout for me and stationary bike. I hope you feel better soon and good luck ! :)
    • CommentAuthorrogerbom
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    My tip is taping. I do tape my feet every morning. In the beginning it was very hard because the tape brand was not good and I was applying it too hard. But after a few sessions of trial and error I really got a great comfort from it. It is a good supportive and preventive measure but most of all it relieved my pain and allowed me to walk normally again.
    • CommentAuthorKal
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2010
    Recently I have heard this tip from a professional marathon trainer - Each and every morning even if you feel good do not skip the routine! While you are still in your bed, stretch your both your feet and legs. Massage your feet and your calves out of tight position of the night sleep. Pull up your toes and rub the bottoms of your feet.
    • CommentAuthorsupertop
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2010
    The thing that healed My plantar fasciitis was going to the podiatrist and getting a cortisone shot. The truth is it does hurt!
    There are many causes for plantar fasciitis like over-weight, standing and walking too much, too much exercises, bad shoes and more. I have got it from years of wearing high heels and walking around the house bare footed.

    My tip is to go and get the shot!
    • CommentAuthordon
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2010
    The night splints helped me when I was in real pain. I point my feet when I sleep so as soon as I get out of bed and my feet hit the floor that ligament was pulled and gave me the "Oooooouch" thing. Keeping my feet from pointing at night really helped with the morning pain.
    • CommentAuthormonicam
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2010
    The best tip I had was to do this exercise - get a golf or tennis ball and roll it under the foot. It stretches all the different parts of the lower foot. It might be painful at first but it is getting better later. It definitely helps to wear supportive shoes until you have no more pain. I have found that Crocks are good too!
    • CommentAuthorlimor
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2010
    Hi everyone
    Today I can say I am completely over my plantar fasciitis after about 6 months.
    I think that the best thing for me were the stretching exercises. The stretching page in this site (Elrofeet) is very good.
    I wish you all happy and pain-free new year.
    • CommentAuthorgogo
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2011
    I got rid of the heel pain in about 6 weeks. I used a frozen bottle rolling and lots of foot stretching. I also changed the insoles inside my shoes. Found out that for me the best insoles were with gel and a little arch support. Now I'm afraid to ever use shoes without them.
    That is what worked for me. Good Luck.
    • CommentAuthorLeo
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2011
    Most of the people that try to get rid of plantar fasciitis will try one or two treatments at a time then decide they don't work, stop them and try something else. You should do all the things at once: Stretching, night splint, orthotics, massage, icing, etc etc.
    Take care